Or when the Wolf decided to stop working

by and with  Riccardo Colombini
from a sparkle of  Donatella Diamanti 
set  Marco Muzzolon
tailor  Ornella Chiodini
music  Marco Pagani
lighting  Matteo Crespi
direction  Sara Cicenia and Riccardo Colombini

Frustrated by the many fails condemning him to a life without a happy ending, the Big Bad Wolf decides to declare a strict strike of protest. At the news, the King announces solemn celebrations in the whole reign of fairy tales. Very soon, though, as the Wolf’s strike goes on, the world of fairy tales has to admit – wonder of wonders – that without the Big Bad Wolf things don’t run as smooth as everyone had expected. It is so that the King finds himself, unwillingly, to try any possible way to convince the Wolf to go back to work…

Born as a playwriting game, the show is a divertissement on the world of fairy tales. An upside-down perspective to reflect on how also villains have a reason to exist and what scares us can also teach us to be more self-confident and to know ourselves better.  

Recommended age: 7+
Techniques used: acting, storytelling
Running time: approx. 50 mins
Minimum stage size: 3 X 4 m
Total load current: 6 KV
Set-up time: approx. 2 hrs
Dismantling time: approx. 1 hr