The theatre workshop starts in a specific dimension separate from daily life; it is a protected here-and-now, in which the participant refines their feelings and experiences, in play, coming together and relations; it is the time when space is left for the natural need for creativity, it is the place where interactions are based on listening to each other.
The workshop places expression – in body shape and voice – at its core. For those who take part, it is an opportunity to become involved and to try out new codes of communication that involve an instinctive development of listening and observation of themselves in the chorality and relations with others. For who runs it, the workshop has as its primary objective the development of a dimension of collective action and group creativity.
Through an approach to a variety of techniques and languages, the group is accompanied in the guided creation of an original project, in the context of which each participant expresses their creativity in a free and relaxed way.
The theatre workshop is aimed, therefore, at the formation of an area of joint creation, that allows each participant to participate in a shared creative journey, where theatrical languages are essential instruments of knowledge of themselves and of others.

Our workshops are held both within the school and outside school.
Specific projects for adults are also available.

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