An imagination game for early years

with  Irina Lorandi, Riccardo Colombini
collaboration  Sara Cicenia 
set and objects  Marco Muzzolon
costumes  Mirella Salvischiani
music and sound  Marco Pagani
lighting  Matteo Crespi
project and direction  Schedía Teatro

What if, playing alone in the house, we ended up in the grown-ups’ wardrobe? A prohibited, mysteriuos yet irresistible place! A place to explore, to play, looking at the world from a little child’s perspective. But… what if what we cannot see turned into something else? If that “forest” of clothes turned unexpectedly into a real wood? What if we could see… beyond?
Maybe we could see, through pockets and collars, leaves, flowers, animals… maybe we could see, in that new place, the course of seasons… playing and imagining transformations.

An imagination game for very young children starting from common objects. 

The show is part of the project “Zero Tre Chiama Italia 2022” by La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi, Bologna in collaboration with the Pedagogic Observatory “Lo sguardo altrove”.

Recommended age: 1-5
Techniques used: acting, puppetry
Running time: approx. 35 mins
Minimum stage size: 5 X 5 m
Total load current: 6 KV
Set-up time: approx. 2 hrs
Dismantling time: approx. 1 hr

family shows: max 70 spectators (children and adults)
shows at nursery school: max 30 children
shows at kindergarten: max 90 children