Piccoli Sogni [Little Dreams]

with  Sara Cicenia, Irina Lorandi 
live music  Roberta Mangiacavalli
set  Marco Muzzolon
costumes  Mirella Salvischiani
shadows  Agnese Meroni
video animation  Sergio Menescardi
puppet consultancy  Salvatore Fiorini
lighting  Matteo Crespi
concept and direction  Riccardo Colombini

Selection In-Box Verde 2022

Bimbo, the little bear, loves the sun. He loves to watch its rays through the window until sunset, when the room, with all his games, turns pink. After sunset, however, darkness comes. And Bimbo does not like it at all: everything becomes dark, mysterious… and then, when night comes, it’s time to go to bed and Bimbo doesn’t feel like it at all. In all that darkness, however, you can see something… a firefly! But where does it go? Curiosity is stronger than fear, then Bimbo follows that little light, as it will be his little guide in the night. He begins a journey between shadows and lights always different, which will take Bimbo even to discover the Moon, in a small big flight until he touches the sky.

Recommended age: 2+
Techniques used: puppet theatre, shadows, video animation
Running time: approx. 45 mins
Minimum stage size: 6 X 6 m
Total load current: 16 KV
Set-up time: approx. 3 hrs
Dismantling time: approx. 1 hr