Rose nell’insalata [Roses in the Salad]

Based on the book by Bruno Munari (pub. Corraini)

with Irina Lorandi, Riccardo Colombini
text and direction  Riccardo Colombini
director’s assistant  Sara Cicenia
scientific consultancy  Silvana Sperati (Associazione Bruno Munari)
set  Marco Muzzolon
set assistants  Mirella Salvischiani, Alessandro Aresu
costumes  Ornella Chiodini
video animation  Sergio Menescardi
lighting  Matteo Crespi

in collaborazione with Associazione Bruno Munari

with the sponsorship of  Progetto Scuola Expo Milano 2015

The show was part of the programmes of the following festivals: Lucca Teatro Festival – Che cosa sono le nuvole (ed. 2017), Avignon Le Off 2016 (France), Komidi 2017 (Ile de Reunion), Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 (UK), La Batie Festival 2017 (Switzerland), Neapolis 2017 (Tunisia), Festival Jeune Public de Taza (Morocco), Diabolo Festival (Switzerland), Avignon Le Off 2018 (France), Minifest 2018 (Russia), Theatre 1862 – Shanghai (China). 

Have you ever seen roses in the salad? I have…” (Bruno Munari)
“Vegetables are something serious!” says the Chef.
“Vegetables are something boring!” answers back Romilda, his assistant.
Who’s right? Hard to say…
To tell the truth, all you get in this kitchen are vegetables. Bad smells and a horrible taste: big and small, short and long, green, white, purple veg, chop and cook it with care and attention.
There should be a way to put a bit of colour into this kitchen! There should be a way to see things from a different point of view. What if all that smelly veg could amaze us? What if something was hiding in there… hold on… what is that? It looks like… but yes… it is… a rose! A rose… in a lettuce? Indeed… a rose in a lettuce…
And what’s in a cauliflower? And in an onion? In a leek? And what about all the other vegetables?
Maybe, this time, Romilda and the Chef will change their minds…
From the visual research by Bruno Munari, a theatre show for small children.
A game that will put wings on your imagination… starting from vegetables.

Recommended age: 2+
Techniques used: acting, video animation
Running time: approx. 45 mins
Minimum stage size: 6X8 m
Total load current: 13 KV
Set-up time: approx. 3 hrs
Dismantling time: approx. 1 hr

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