A Raft through Europe #NoiFunder35

There are moments in which it is necessary to take your time to think about what you are doing.
Thought related to action, to give that action a clearer shape, to plan for the future with a wider horizon, to grow.
We work at high speed, which makes things more complicated for reflection. Luckly sometimes someone gives us a chance…

Our name relates to Ulysses’s raft.
We chose it because the theatre is a sea where you grope your way, where certainties are often humble. Exactly like on a wooden raft.
But there is also the journey, and there are the encounters; and they make you love this exhausting job, despite everything…
And obviously there are also the dreams and the projects: the big and small steps that build our horizons and harbours. To make them come true you need energy, dedication, a pinch of madness and the right partners.

And besides the ones who share them with you from the beginning, it is very rare to find opportunities to actually sustain those steps.

The grant Funder35 of Fondazione Cariplo has done this, for us and many other cultural enterprises.
Almost a mirage at first, now it is a concrete reality which lets our tiny raft expand the horizon of its view beyond national borders, meeting important occasions for artistic growth and enterprise development in Europe.

Thanks to Funder35, with our project “A Raft through Europe” we are transforming our work in theatre for young audiences in something that could go beyond our national borders.

Through a more targeted action of promotion abroad.

Through a communication system able to reach a wider public (starting from our website).

Through the participation to moments of international exchange.

We are starting working outside the usual path.
We are sailing a new, unknown sea, on our raft.
Knowing that someone is accompanying us is something important.

The journey has just started…