L’istruttoria [The Investigation]

Stage reading from the text by Peter Weiss

Recommended age: 12+
Running time: approx. 1 hr
Techniques used: reading, live music.

selection of texts  Roberto Mosca
with  Sara Cicenia, Riccardo Colombini, Roberta Villa
clarinet  Fausto Oldani
direction  Riccardo Colombini

Jewish tradition hands down that in honour of the deceased, a stone is laid on their grave.
The text of “The Investigation”, written by Weiss in 1965 as a faithful transcript of the trial proceedings involving Auschwitz concentration camp SS and officials, can be considered fully as one of those stones: a great playwright’s tribute to the victims of the most terrible tragedy of the Twentieth Century; a tragedy that even today is difficult to believe could have happened.
With the words of Weiss, we too want to lay our stone on the grave of the millions of dead left behind by Nazi barbarism.
A choir of four voices singing with love about what we should not forget.

“It is a detailed and extremely faithful account of the proceedings of a trial that took place between 1963 and 1965 involving officials and SS of Auschwitz – Birkenau, perhaps the most well-known of the Nazi death camps.
Of this certainly complex and at times so real it seems crude text, we were especially struck by the particularity of being, at the same time, a theatrical text and a page of witness. Against the convention that wants the theatre to be the place of fiction par excellence, “The Investigation” brings words and testimonies of overwhelming reality: in fact, not a word has been included in the text that wasn’t uttered in the courtroom.
In “The Investigation”, the theatre becomes an essential vehicle of witness, an instant of extremely important civil significance, a condemnation of atrocities against nature, inconceivable, but tragically real.
We wanted to think of this text as one of the stones that the Jews place on the graves of their deceased: a tangible sign of affection and at the same time an indelible trace of a necessary memory”.

(from the Director’s Notes)

Minimum stage size: 4 X 4 m
Technical requirements: room preferably dimmable, 220V electric supply